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A team for your success.

Every company is different, every purpose unique. This is precisely why our close to 40 investment professionals and specialists ensure that teams are formed based on expertise and market competence appropriate for the task at hand.



Capvis AG is the exclusive advisor to the Capvis Funds on the selection of suitable companies for investment as well as supporting the planning and execution of respective strategies. We work to advance companies and effectively position them for sustainable success.

The Capvis General Partners in Jersey and the team in Luxembourg administer the Capvis Funds and the holding companies.

Additionally, Capvis works with a number of external Senior Advisors (mostly C-level Executives and board members) in several markets.


Capvis has repeatedly been awarded as Best Workplaces™ Switzerland!

Capvis is recognized for its excellent workplace culture as one of the Best Workplaces™ Switzerland 2023 and has been awarded as Best Workplaces™ Switzerland in the Category Small - Best Workplaces™ Switzerland 2023.

Further information can be found under the following link.

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Investment Team

Samuel  Dieterle

Samuel Dieterle

Investment Team

Johanna  Dolci

Johanna Dolci

Investment Director

Konstantin  Ewald

Konstantin Ewald

Investment Team

Daniel  Flaig

Daniel Flaig

Managing Partner

Rolf  Friedli

Rolf Friedli

Partner & Chairperson

Daniel  Hagn

Daniel Hagn

Investment Team

Stefanie  Hehenberger

Stefanie Hehenberger

Investment Team Assistant

Patrick  Höfliger

Patrick Höfliger

Investment Director

Stefanie  Lahm

Stefanie Lahm

Investment Team Assistant & Office Manager

Enrico  Merlin

Enrico Merlin

Investment Director

Marvin  Müller

Marvin Müller

Investment Team

Johanna  Perrevort

Johanna Perrevort

Investment Team Assistant

André  Perwas

André Perwas


Anina  Sax

Anina Sax

Investment Team

Kaili  Shen

Kaili Shen

Investment Director

Andreas  Simon

Andreas Simon


Freya  Wagner

Freya Wagner

Investment Team

Boris  Zoller

Boris Zoller

Managing Partner

Portfolio Specialists

Nikola  Engelhardt

Nikola Engelhardt

ESG Programme Manager

Michael  Fang

Michael Fang

Co-Head Asia & Chief Representative China

Andreas  Hugener

Andreas Hugener

Head of Human Resources

Björn  Lauschke

Björn Lauschke

Head of Debt Advisory

Samanta  Meyer

Samanta Meyer

Human Resources

Claudine  Oberholzer

Claudine Oberholzer

Office Manager

Marco  Ruch

Marco Ruch

Director Finance

Marc  Schütt

Marc Schütt

General Counsel

Wolf  Stein

Wolf Stein

Co-Head Asia

Immanuel  von Aesch

Immanuel von Aesch

Director Business Intelligence

Daniel  Wendel

Daniel Wendel

Head of Finance

Nicole  Wiesinger

Nicole Wiesinger

Associate Director Finance

IR and Fund Specialists

James  Banks

James Banks

Fund Team Jersey

Jonathon  Buesnel

Jonathon Buesnel

Fund Team Jersey

Carola  Palitschka

Carola Palitschka

Fund Team Jersey

Rachel  Van Neste

Rachel Van Neste

Fund Team Jersey

Hannah  Wright

Hannah Wright

Fund Team Jersey

Heiko  Zühlke

Heiko Zühlke

Head of Investor Relations

Jersey Board

Francesca Barnes

Non-Executive Director

Jonathon Buesnel

Executive Director

Nigel Campion-Smith

Non-Executive Director

Geoff Cook

Non-Executive Director

John Cosnett

Non-Executive Director

Felix Rohner

Non-Executive Director

Luxembourg Board

Jean-Robert Bartolini

Executive Director

Delphine Bircker

Administration Manager

Ahcene Boulhais

Administration Manager

Marc Schütt

General Counsel

Corporate Officer

Carlotta Bertolino

Senior Corporate Officer