Capvis Equity Partners AG

Capvis Equity Partners AG is the exclusive advisor to the Capvis Funds and is domiciled in Baar, Switzerland, with a subsidiary in Frankfurt, Germany, and a representative office in Shanghai, China. The team is supported by a broad network of industry sector specialists. The primary point of contact for companies, investors, management and the public is Capvis Equity Partners AG.

The Management Team of Capvis Equity Partners AG looks back on a success story of over 20 years. The team established the Capvis I Fund in 1999 and founded the management company Capvis Equity Partners AG. Capvis is the successor organization of SBC Equity Partners. From 1995 until the merger of UBS and Swiss Bank Corporation SBC in 1998, SBC Equity Partners was the Private Equity investment division of Swiss Bank Corporation. Before 1995, the investments were made by the equity banking division of Swiss Bank Corporation. Capvis has been fully independent since 2003.

The Capvis Management team has been working together for many years and looks back on a track record that spans over two decades. Since 1990, Capvis has concluded 53 transactions with a total volume of more that EUR 5 billion.